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Bangalore Niranjan Babu
Vastu & Astrology Consultant


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Niranjan Babu

About Niranjan Babu

Editor-in-Chief: The Astrological eMagazine
50+ Years of Experience

Vastu and Astrology Consultant for
  • ISKCON (International Society for Krishna Consciousness)
  • Sivananda Ashram Yoga Farm
  • Dharmastala Manjunatheshwara Dharmottanna Trust
  • Avadhootha Datta Peetham
  • and tens of thousand happy families and successful businesses

A renowned international consultant in Vastu and Astrology, Bangalore Niranjan Babu hails from a dynasty of scholars in Astrology, Mantra Sastra, Yagnas and related fields and the son of Dr. B. V. Raman , the world's great astrologer

Niranjan Babu is held in high esteem by famous achievers, prominent religious institutions and spiritual leaders with a worldwide following, and corporate houses all of whom have consulted him for Vastu and Astrology. View Testimonials

He has authored international vastu bestsellers in English, like Handbook of Vastu, Vastu Relevance to Modern Times, Vastu FAQs Answered and Vastu — Directional Influences on Human Affairs. His vastu books have also been translated and published in several regional languages of India like Kannada and Malayalam. [View Books]


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Niranjan Babu's Father, Dr. B. V. Raman

"Niranjan Babu has made a careful study of most of the extant classical literature and appears to have a firm grip on the subject"

Dr. Veerendra Heggade, Dharmadikari of Dharmasthala

"You have been our Vastu consultant for the Religious Institutions as well as Educational Campus Development. We are impressed by your deep knowledge of the subject and commitment to perfection. Most of the educational institutions have been benefited by the Vastu guidance given by you. We have consulted you for Vastu guidance to our SDM Medical College at Dharwad, Ayurveda College at Hassan, SDM Institute of Management, Mysore and other Colleges at Ujjire"

Swami Sitaramananda, Acharya and Director, Sivananda Ashram Yoga Farm

"We continue to be impressed with the Vastu and Jyotish knowledge of Mr. Niranjan Babu, especially the practical application of the Vedic knowledge. During his current visit, he has given helpful advice on personal meditation hut, Rudra Homa Ceremony, Staff housing and office space improvements, shrine and temple space enhancements. We believe his knowledge is very helpful in the world today ...we recommend his services"

Madhupati Dasa, President of ISKCON of Central New Jersey

"Mr. Niranjan Babu provided valuable insights for our current facility at Towaco. He provided practical recommendations for both the projects at Parsippany and Old bridge. We highly recommend Mr. Niranjan Babu for his expert consultancy in Vastu and Vedic Astrology."

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